Flameproof & Explosion Proof LED Flood Light
Industrial Flameproof Flood Light Available in Madhya Pradesh, Assam, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Bihar, Punjab, Haryana, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Delhi & Orissa

What is Explosion

Explosion is output of Combination of Flammable Materials, Oxygen (Air)  & Source of Ignitions.

Prevention of Explosion

In Hazardous Industries Like Chemical Factories,Pharmaceutical Industries, Refineries, Paint Workshops, Hazardous Warehouses & Tanks, First Two components Flammable Material in any form & Air Must be present which has potential to explosion.

Explosion Proof / Flameproof Lighting & Switch gears & Other Products are used to avoid fulfilling criteria of an Explosion

What are Explosion Proof Products

Ex-Proof & Flameproof Products are Specially designed with Suitable enclosures in a way to prevent possibilities of Explosion & keep the hazardous environment safe.


What Explosion Proof Products are used in Industry

Flameproof & Explosion Proof Industry is having global exposure as manufacturer & Supplier of Electrical Equipment with all approved certificates like CIMFR, BIS, & PESO, with different Zones & Gas Groups.

Below is List of Products used in a hazardous Industry for Safety Purpose :

  • Flameproof LED Well Glass Light
  • Flameproof LED High Bay Light
  • Flameproof LED Bulk Head Light
  • Flameproof LED Flood Light
  • Flameproof LED Street Light
  • Flameproof LED Hand Lamp
  • Flameproof LED Reactor Vessel Lamp
  • Flameproof LED Clean Room Light
  • Flameproof LED Tube Light
  • Flameproof Emergency Light
  • Flameproof Aviation Light
  • Flameproof Hooters / Buzzer
  • Flameproof LED Flasher
  • Flameproof Speaker
  • Flameproof Gas Detector Alarm
  • Flameproof Exhaust Fan
  • Flameproof Pedestal Fan
  • Flameproof Ceiling Fan
  • Flameproof Wall Mounted Fan
  • Flameproof LED Rechargeable Torch
  • Flameproof Temperature Indicator & Controller
  • Flameproof Power Supply
  • Flameproof Clock
  • Flameproof Smoke Detector
  • Flameproof Window Air Conditioner
  • Flameproof Split Air Conditioner
  • Flameproof Camera Enclosure
  • Flameproof CCTV Camera
  • Flameproof Push Button Station
  • Flameproof Clean Room Push Buttion Station
  • Flameproof Rotary Switch Station
  • Flameproof Clean Room Rotary Switch Station
  • Flameproof Switch Socket Station
  • Flameproof Clean Room Switch Socket Station
  • Flameproof Fire Alarm Station
  • Flameproof Local Control Station
  • Flameproof Limit Switch
  • Flameproof Distribution Board
  • Flameproof Control Panel
  • Flameproof Junction Box
  • Flameproof Telephone
  • Flameproof Mobile Phone
  • Flameproof Cable Glands
  • Flameproof Stopping Plugs