LED Flameproof Well Glass Light
LED WP Well Glass
Flameproof LED Lights, Flameproof Well Glass, Flameproof Street Light, Flameproof Clean Room Light, Flameproof Flood Light
Industrial Weather Proof Luminares - LED Well Glass Lights, High Bay Lights, Flood Lights, Street Light, Bulk Head Light
LED Flameproof & Explosion Proof Well Glass Light

Flameproof LED Lighting

Alius Mind Inc has range of LED Flameproof Luminaries with required CIMFR, BIS & PESO Approvals to ensure safety to Hazardous Industries

AliusMind Inc – Industrial WeatherProof Lighting

Industrial Indore & Outdoor Light

Alius Mind Inc has range of LED Non-Flameproof Industrial Luminaries for Indoor & Outdoor Lighting to Illuminate Industries in effective way to deliver better productivity

AliusMind Inc – Industrial Flameproof Lighting

Industrial Flameproof Lights

Alius Mind Ins has range of LED Flameproof & Explosion Proof Lights with CIMFR, BIS & PESO Approvals suitable for Gas Group IIA, IIB, IIC & Zone I & Zone II for Chemical Industries, Pharmaceutical Industries, Oil & Gas Refineries, Cement Industries, Sugar Industries Etc.

Alius Mind Inc Chhatisgarh Flameproof Street Light FLP Well Glass High Bay Explosion Proof Flood Light
Alius Mind Inc Chhatisgarh Street Light Well Glass High Bay Flood Light

Lighting Industry Under One Roof

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LED Flameproof Light is Key Product to Hazardous Industries for Safety Purpose

A plant’s illumination system should meet certain minimum requirements in order to be
cost-effective. Energy optimization, better productivity and safety are major
goals to keep in mind when evaluating any lighting system. Significant
increases in productivity can be achieved by lighting modifications that
actually decrease the annual cost of electric illumination.

Among the major direct and indirect benefits adequate lighting provides are: improved
visibility, upgraded aesthetics, better employee morale, reduced absenteeism,
less eye fatigue and headaches, enhanced security, improved quality control and
fewer rejects. All of these factors contribute to increased productivity and
worker safety.

The most important aspect of any industrial area, be it assembly lines, warehouses,
process areas and commercial complexes is lighting. Owing to the fact that they
are high precision working environments, they demand the highest quality and
reliability as lighting has a major contribution to performance.

Alius MInd Inc Has the vast range of industrial lighting systems that
operate effectively in vivid working conditions. Our range includes industrial
LED Flameproof Lighting, Industrial Weather Proof Lighting, Architectural Lighting
& Commercial Lighting, Along with fulfilling Lighting needs we also serve
with complete range of Switch gear Items & other Electrical equipment’s.